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Network Security is Relative

That is why security experts aren’t surprised by the Sony story. We know people who do penetration testing for a living — real, no-holds-barred attacks that mimic a full-on assault by a dogged, expert attacker — and we know that the expert always gets in. Against a sufficiently skilled, funded and motivated attacker, all networks are vulnerable.

A quote from Bruce Schneier, probably the leading cryptologist on the planet, and whose blog I regularly read.

I’ve blogged before about computer security, and the ramifications of the NASA, Google, Sony, Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, etc. attacks are apparent. The bad guys are winning. The market is ripe for a secure computing platform.

jQuery Plugin

I’ve recently used Bootstrap in a client project and had to extend the Bootstrap Typeahead control. The extension I created allows opening the Typeahead dropdown and selecting an item without having to enter data into the input control. It’s basically an editable combo box.

There are jQuery user interface plugins that create an editable combo box, but my control is quite simple and allows me to keep Bootstrap and jQuery uncluttered with jQuery UI.

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